IDC Connectors

IDC Connectors

Full IDC Connector Manufacturing Capabilities, Standard and Custom IDC Connectors

We offer IDC connectors in a very large diversity of sizes, and our manufacturing plants in the USA and offshore have full IDC connector manufacturing capabilities for both standard and custom IDC connectors. We provide:

    • IDC Connector Design
    • IDC Connector Engineering
    • IDC Connector Prototypes
    • IDC Connector Manufacturing
    • IDC Connector Tooling
    • Built to Specs, Custom made and Highly Customized IDC Connectors

Please see below some of our products and contact us to buy IDC connectors:

idc-dip-plug-2-mm2.0mm IDC Dip Plug - 4408 Series

2.0mm IDC Socket Connector - 4400 Series

2.54mm IDC Card Edge Connector - 4402 Series

2.54mm IDC Dip Plug - 4403 Series

2.54mm IDC Dip Plug 0.3" Space - 4404A Series

2.54mm IDC Dip Plug 0.6" Space - 4404B Series

2.54mm IDC Socket Connector - 4401 Series

idc-dip-flat-cable-connector2.54mm IDC Staggered Terminal Transition Plug Connector - Series 4405

D-SUB Flat Cable IDC Connector - 5506 Series

D-SUB IDC Flat Cable Connectors

IDC-Card Edge

IDC-DIP Flat Cable Connector

IDC-Header Four Wall

IDC-Mini Dip Flat Cable Connectors

IDC-Socket Flat Cable Connector

Ultra ATA Bus 40P IDC Connector - 4410 Series





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